Camp Argo


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a difference between the three groups offered at Camp Argo?
Yes! Each group is very different and is based on campers age and interests. For more information about each program please visit the Camp Groups Page


My child is 4, can he/she attend Camp Argo?

Of course!  Camp Argo welcomes children that have turned 4 and are able to use the restroom independently.  We typically have counselors with early childhood experience so your child will be in great hands!  

What if my child is on the Autism Spectrum?

Our Inclusion Program, which will be serving the needs of campers on the Autism Spectrum, is new this summer.  To ensure that we can provide a safe environment and adequate resources for your child, please contact the Camp Argo office for more details.



At what age can my child join the  CIT program? 

According to the CT Office of Early Childhood, Counselors-In-Training must be a minimum of 14 years of age and maximum 16 years. 

Can someone be a CIT for more than one year?

Yes, in fact, it is recommended that you will increase your camp experience and familiarity with Camp Argo by returning each year or session until you are of age to be a paid counselor.

Are CIT's required to attend all sessions?

There are no maximum or minimum sessions expected of a CIT.  We always encourage our CITs to stay with us for as long as their schedule permits in the summer.  Just like any job, class, or sport; the more practice, the better the experience!

Are there a maximum number of CITs per session? 

CITs are still considered a camper per state regulations so at Camp Argo we carefully place them throughout our camp program.  There is no maximum so your child can sign up for all sessions! 

Can CITs sign up with a friend?

We encourage our CIT's to bring a friend because we want camp to feel like a large family.  We acknowledge that learning these skills and taking on big responsibilities can be intimidating, so bringing a friend might ease that pressure and allow your child to enjoy their experiences together. 



Will lunch be provided?

We require that our families provide a healthy and nutritious lunch for their child including two adequate snacks everyday to camp.  Per state health regulations your child's lunch will be refrigerated. 

Please make sure that your child's lunch does not need reheating or any other type of preparation. 


Is Camp Argo nut free?

Camp Argo is NOT a nut free environment.  Please notify the camp office immediately of any food sensitivity and food allergy your camper may have.  


What should my child wear to camp? 

Please come to camp in athletic wear or other comfortable clothing especially closed toed shoes or sneakers.  Everything must be labeled with the campers name so it can be returned if lost. 

What should my child bring to camp

  • A water bottle, brown bag lunch & snacks
  • Towel and/or water shoes
  • Hat of other protective wear from the sun
  • Extra sun block (parents please apply before camp begins so it has time to soak in)
  • Please NO Ipods, cell phones, or other expensive electronic devices (Camp Argo will not be responsible for lost or taken items) 

Are water activities available at Camp Argo?

Yes, water will be incorporated based on the daily schedule, special water camp games and rented water type structures. 

Please read the special message below: 

"Designated Public Swimming Areas are regulated by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Local Health Department.  The Wepawaug River is not approved as a designated swimming area for the public.  However, other non-water contact recreational activities ARE permitted (, canoe, kayak, etc.).   If you have any questions feel free to contact the Orange Health Department at 203-891-4719."